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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mark Matveyevich Antokolski - Franz Liszt - Kendrick Smithyman

Mark Matveyevich Antokolski - Mephistopheles

Franz Liszt - Mephisto Walzer 1-   

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra


Kendrick Smithyman - Mephisto's Serenade

Reasonable, strange:
        think, that must be the case
        for you if vows exchange
        truth and ardour. Pulses chase
when discretions blow as winds head
west north east and south above your bed.

        Marguerite, listen …
        illusions may intend
        to treat you well, but kissing
        can prescribe another end.
Be most private soon. Prepare your bed.
Time has desires on your maidenhead.

        Stealthily the poor
        scowl in your direction
        as you go by demure,
        our godly man’s distraction.
Slip a squeaky latch. Fold back your bed.
Perfume your plump body. Primp your head.

        Who through the window?
        Who, by the door?
        Who sighs in the shallow
        porch, in the narrow
        hall, crosses the floor
towards you? Curl snug. Turn your head.
Do not deny the stranger your bed.

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