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Thursday, July 28, 2011

El Greco (Domenicos Theotokopoulos) - "Angelic Concert" / MANOS HATZIDAKIS - "STREET OF DREAMS" / Homer - "Hymn to Apollo"

El Greco (Domenicos Theotokopoulos) - "Angelic Concert"


Homer - "Hymn to Apollo"

Phoebus, of you even the swan sings with clear voice to the beating   of his wings, as he alights upon the bank by the eddying river Peneus; and of you the sweet-tongued minstrel, holding his high-pitched lyre, always sings both first and last.
And so hail to you, lord! I seek your favor with my song.


Φοῖβε, σὲ μὲν καὶ κύκνος ὑπὸ πτερύγων λίγ᾽ ἀείδει,
ὄχθῃ ἐπιθρώσκων ποταμὸν πάρα δινήεντα,
Πηνειόν: σὲ δ᾽ ἀοιδὸς ἔχων φόρμιγγα λίγειαν
ἡδυεπὴς πρῶτόν τε καὶ ὕστατον αἰὲν ἀείδει.
καὶ σὺ μὲν οὕτω χαῖρε, ἄναξ, ἵλαμαι δέ σ᾽ ἀοιδῇ.

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